Frequently Asked Questions

Trelish Filter Coffee Brew

What is Trelish Filter Coffee Brew all about?

Trelish Brew will help you make Authentic South Indian Filter Coffee anytime anywhere in just a minute. The taste and aroma will take you to the farms of South India.

How do I make my hot filter coffee with Trelish Brew?

* Empty a sachet of Trelish Filter Coffee Liquid Brew in a regular coffee cup * Add piping hot milk to it.
* Add sugar as per your taste and stir. Voila! Your Authentic South Indian Filter Coffee is ready! You don't even need to boil it.

Tip: Pour the coffee from one cup / tumbler to another twice from over the top to get a nice froth and aroma. Check out more ways to use Trelish Filter Coffee Brew on recipes page.

Do I need to boil the brew with milk?

No, please do not boil the brew. For best taste and aroma, pour the coffee from one cup / tumbler to another.

Does Trelish brew contain preservatives?

No, our brew is totally healthy with no preservatives.

Is sugar added in Trelish brew?

No, our brew has no sugar at all. You can add sugar as per your taste to your coffee.

How do I store my Trelish sachets and box?

Kindly store the sachets in a cool, clean, dry place which is not in direct sunlight. The sachets have a long life of six months.

Where are Trelish Coffee beans sourced from?

We source our coffee beans from the farms of Chikmaglur and Coorg, the most popular coffee growing regions of India. To know the complete Trelish Journey, click here.

What is the make of Trelish Filter Coffee Brew?

Trelish brew is made of 80% of coffee with a mix of premium grade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and 20% chicory.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

We lovingly brew your coffee, pack it in sachets and schedule your package pick up in a day. Post the pickup scheduling, our delivery partners take 2 business days from pick up to delivery for Pune orders and 4-5 business days for orders outside Pune.

Can I return the product after receiving it?

Please see our shipping & returns policy.

Where all do you deliver?

We deliver in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Hyderabad as of today.

Which all types of Coffee and Coffee products can I make with Trelish Brew?

Please see our recipes page.

Are there any health benefits of coffee?

Yes, coffee has a lot of health benefits:
* Improves metabolism and helps in reducing fat
* Lowers risk of diabetes
* Lowers risk of Cancer and Alzheimer
* Gives instant energy
* Improves mood and brain functions

I want to have a periodic supply of Trelish Brew to my house so that I don't miss on my daily cup of filter coffee. Is that possible?

Yes, please connect with us on 7378959901 and we will make it work for you.

I have a café / restaurant / showroom / office and I would like to have a regular supply of Trelish Brew. Would you be able to deliver?

Yes, please connect with us on 7378959901 and we will be glad to connect with you and discuss further.