All started over a cup of filter coffee

                          It all started when my daughter had her friends over for dinner. As always they wished to have coffee before leaving                                (One for the road). They have been drinking South Indian filter coffee at our house from college days. Freshly brewed with an inviting aroma of coffee. At that instant the idea struck the group - Why not make this freshly brewed coffee available at all times to people? The idea was infectious and caught on. The whole idea of people all over the world enjoying our authentic filter coffee got us all excited. Both the girls decided to give it a go. A startup was born.

Step by step their startup progressed. Lots of brainstorming happened over (naturally) a cup of our filter coffee. Then the company was registered. Product trials were done. We talked about Trelish and nothing but Trelish the whole day. The girls spent late nights working on the launch of their product. That day too came. Launching of TRELISH! Celebration followed. I feel very proud of the girls who have converted their dream into reality.

Long live TRELISH!

-Usha Narayanan

In House Coffee Expert

Usha Narayanan
Kavita Narayanan



Aditi Surange
Here is how we lovingly brew Trelish for you

Coffee beans are carefully picked from the plantations of South India


Raw coffee beans are roasted to perfection


Roasted beans are lovingly ground into Trelish coffee powder at our in-house facility


The brew is freshly prepared basis our secret formula


Your perfect Trelish Filter Coffee Brew is ready 

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