Cold Coffee with Trelish

Make Cold Coffee with Trelish in just a few minutes.


  1. Trelish Decoction 2 tablespoons (20 ml)

  2. Cold Milk (80 ml)

  3. Sugar as per taste

  4. Chocolate Syrup

  5. Cocoa Powder


  1. Take 2 tablespoons of Trelish Filter Coffee Decoction in a shaker / mixer (Make it 3 tablespoons if you like your coffee strong).

  2. Add ice cold milk to it.

  3. Add sugar as per your taste.

  4. Add a drop of chocolate syrup.

  5. Shake the mixture well to until you get a nice froth.

  6. Pour your cold coffee in a glass and sprinkle cocoa powder over it.

  7. Coat some chocolate syrup on the sides of your glass for making it look more tempting!

Enjoy your refreshing cup of cold coffee!

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