Cold Coffee Assorted Combo - Pack of 7 bottles

Cold Coffee Assorted Combo - Pack of 7 bottles


Trelish Cold Coffees are ready-to-drink cold coffees made from our sigtnature premium coffee liquid brew


Cold Coffee as it should be

With three exciting variants - Classic, Vanilla and Hazelnut 


Whats in the box:

- 3 bottles of Classic Cold Coffee

- 2 bottles of Vanilla Cold Coffee

- 2 bottles of Hazelnut Cold Coffee


Our Bottles:

- Are 200ml each

- Can be kept in room temperature for 6 months before opening

- Are completely sealed and easy to carry even while travelling



- Shake the bottle well

- open the seal

- drink up!

Best served chilled

Coffee is great for you, here is why
brain function.png

Improves brain function & mood

Instant energy


Improves metabolism helps reduce fats

pink ribbon.png

Lowers risk of cancer

Lancet Device.png

Lowers risk of diabetes


Reduces risk of alzhiemers

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And of course, Coffee makes great conversation.