Trelish Mint Mojito Coffee Brew - Box of 2

Trelish Mint Mojito Coffee Brew - Box of 2


Trelish Mint Mojito Coffee Brew is belongs to our Flavoured Series of Coffee! 


One Trelish box contains 7 single serving Trelish Brew sachets. Each sachet is of 20 ml and makes a flavourful cup of Mint Mojito Coffee. 

Our sachets have a long life of eight months and are travel friendly, Ready-to-use! 

Directions for use:

- Shake the sachet well before use

- Empty the sachet in a cup 

- Add sugar for taste

- Add 100 ml of hot milk to create your hot flavourful brew!


Also makes great flavoured cold coffee!  

We do not allow returns on our products unless the product delivered is physically damaged. In which case, please mail the image of the product and order details on within 2 days of receipt of order along with your contact details so that we can contact you and resolve the issue.

Coffee is great for you, here is why
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Improves brain function & mood

Instant energy


Improves metabolism helps reduce fats

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Lowers risk of cancer

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Lowers risk of diabetes


Reduces risk of alzhiemers

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And of course, Coffee makes great conversation.