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2-4446-8423-a9ae- 9590d3b1b2b6ebe77bf6c3eaa8eb1d0db88c42a4 all users' reviews How can I save my entire hard disk for permanent storage? I was making backups by using the backup feature in this softwares. I recently found out that the backup feature will only save the most recent set of backup files (which I would have done when I last backed up). So, I went to the settings and after setting it to every hour, It went to the backup list but will not let me choose the'save' button. I have tried everything and nothing worked! I thought maybe a restart would do it but even that failed. I was wondering if there was a way to restore my entire hard drive by finding the missing files or something else...other than re-installing OS? No, I do not know my password. It was a professional product from a 3rd party; I do not have the box or documentation. A:Hard Drive Space, Save space Hi This can be easily fixed by resizing the partitions 1) Go to the disk managment in your computer, right click and select properties, or use the keyboard hotkey: (Windows XP) H: and (Windows Vista) D: 2) Go to the "disk" tab, there you will see the partition list, and you can select one or more partitions to shrink (or to grow). 3) Click on "shrink" or "grow", depending on what you want to do. The shrink will let you select the number of gigabytes you want to shrink, the grow will let you select the number of gigabytes you want to grow. Note : Before shrinking or growing a partition you have to unmount the partition by using the "eject" button or by doing the "Safely remove device" command in the right click menu. And do not forget that, you need to restart your computer after you change partition sizes. At the bottom of the Disk Management window, you will see the disk space occupied by each partition. The easiest way to free up space on a drive is to delete the system partition. When you select a partition to delete, the dialog box will display the amount of available disk space. If you decide to delete a partition,



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